Our mission is to Care with Compassion within the Community

We offer prompt , usually within the same week, appointments for your adult patients.

Our services include telemedicine and in-person visits for maximum flexibility.

We offer transparent medical records to the patients via the patient portal.

To see our spectrum of conditions treated and services offered please refer to the respective sections on this site.


Please Contact Us using the following methods

Phone: 703-574-0708

Fax: 703-574-0709

Direct Messaging Address through your EMR: arjunsood@ACaBSL-ME.direct.office.nextgen.com

Inova Providers may reach us via EPIC Secure Chat: Arjun Sood, MD


Helpful Documentation

To help make the maximum use of the patient’s valued time, we appreciate your cooperation in sending us the following information, if available, along with referrals.

Oncology Patients

  • Pathology Reports
  • operative reports
  • All scans and relevant imaging studies
  • Recent Labs
  • Most recent note from the referring provider
  • Any genetic studies

Hematology patients

  • Hematology labs for up to 2 years
  • Recent notes from referring provider
  • Flow cytometry if applicable
  • Cytogenetics if applicable
  • Any imaging studies
  • Bone Marrow biopsy reports if available.